Bont Cycling Shoes Review

As an athlete three things puzzled me when it came to cycling equipment. Now primarily as a coach those same three issues have shifted from puzzling to quite annoying. Grievance 1- The Q factor on kids bikes is insane and unhealthy and would injure any kid who wants to ride a lot. Kids hips are not […]

Training Peaks Scores.. What Do They All Mean And How Can You Or Your Coach Use And Misuse It?

From RPG coaches Kyle Buckingham and Tim Reed Training Peaks remains the dominant software platform for endurance sports coaching and for good reason. The level of analysis available to coaches, simple to use phone app for athletes and the superb integration with devices enhances the athlete/coach experience while reducing the challenges of online coaching drastically. […]

Steve McKenna’s Ironman WA 7:50:48 Coaching Reflections

Swim Training Changes Steve is an anaerobic machine in that he can tolerate and sustain high levels of lactate better than anyone else I’ve coached. You can get away with that in shorter races and very much use it to your advantage but eventually in ironman the glycogen tax man comes to collect his debt. […]

When Should You Go Pro?

Author- RPG Coach Reedy Over the years we’ve had lots of age groupers turn pro. Some successful, others not. Some on our recommendation, some in the absence of our recommendation but very rarely would we advise against going pro at all ‘if’ the decision and risk won’t negatively affect their loved ones. The variation in […]

IM 70.3 Sunshine Coast Tricks and Tips

RPG Coaches, Reedy and Steve as well as many of the athletes they coach have had their share of success at the Mooloolaba event including 2 x victories for Reedy, fast flying 2nd place for Steve a few years ago where he finished in a tight second to Braden Currie, professional Sam Betten scored a […]

Asics METASPEED Sky vs Sky+

Is more always better? Probably in regards to getting more photos of the shoes for this blog but for running performance, it depends on the runner. Asics Metaspeed vs Metaspeed Sky + I stopped reviewing shoes for a while because I was devastated to realise that my highly flawed protocol  implemented over literally 100 of […]

Reedy on Appo’s 3rd Place at the Ironman Asia Pacific Championships

With the exception of before IM Australia in 2019, the most physically prepared I was for an ironman was pre Ironman Cairns under Alan Couzens in 2018. It was very much a failed execution on my part but on the upside that race certainly had the biggest influence with how I went about coaching Appo […]

Attn: All Ironman Cairns Racers

We asked each RPG Coach a tip specific to Ironman Cairns and what it means for their prep and race strategy. Coach Liz:  The Cairns problem: The ride is beautiful and undulating much of the first 120km yet ironically the final flat 60km is typically the hardest sections due to a strong head wind hitting […]