What is ‘Heel to Toe Offset’ and Why It Really Matters..

Higher heels have been around for centuries initially with the intended function of stopping horse riders feet from slipping out of their stirrups. Then in some cultures it became fashionable. Flat or nearly flat running shoes were the norm until the 1970s when distance running took off in popularity and suddenly there was money to […]

Running Shoe Reviews

Tim Reed - Running Shoes

PREFACE: You’re welcome to skip to the shoes.. This is not the sort of blog you would read start to finish. Life is too short. Simply scroll until you find a shoe you’re curious about and then move on with your life. I’ll continually add shoes as I get to round to it and/or try […]

A Guide For Lost Athletes…

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Many aspects of sport suddenly seem very trivial at a time like this. Winning, championships, debates over rules, professional prize money and pay disputes fade into nothingness when compared to  mass unemployment, overwhelmed hospitals and the horrific numbers of deaths. And yet the fundamental elements of our sports, exercising and training, takes on a new […]

Sex Drive Guided Training?

The last 10 years of my life I???ve spent countless hours riding in the company of predominantly young to middle aged men. Given the average male allegedly thinks about sex 19 times per day the conversation occasionally turns to discussing sex in a direct or more obscure way depending on how comfortable we are with […]

Curbing the Comedown

Curbing The Come Down It’s been close to a perfect prep. You???ve ticked every box possible in regards to nailing your ‘A’ race. Sacrifices a plenty along the way including spending a lot less quality time with friends and family and justifying putting off life-tasks that you’ll get around to after the race. ‘You’ll make […]