RPG Membership

RPG Membership Coming Soon

The RPG coaches are very good at our jobs but that has created a dilemma.. we’re often at capacity for our highly personalised one on one service.  On top of that, we appreciate how expensive triathlon already is and true one on one coaching (not the pretend one on one many other companies offer) is simply not affordable for some people particularly in the current global economy. When we recently had all our athletes complete a feedback survey we were overwhelmed with feedback indicating how much athletes appreciated the RPG community, support at races, regular educational content and perpetually growing list of discounts. 

The answer became very clear of what we also needed to offer. Two membership options at a much more affordable price tag than one on one coaching.

RPG Membership

Choose from a growing list of highly detailed training plans with video instructionals within the sessions to suit the amount of hours you have to train and race you are targeting. You will be added to the RPG Training Peaks account and a coach or staff member will apply the plan you choose to your requested start date. We must stress this is not personalised coaching but we’re confident that if you choose the program with the description that is most specific to your needs and train in the correct prescribed zones you’ll see the results you’re striving for. 

Multiple virtual group training sessions a week.

Access to the RPG community platform for regular educational and entertaining posts from the coaches. Also where members can search answers to topics and put questions to the group for members or coaches to answer.

2x open Zoom calls a week, where members can jump on and ask questions of the coaches.

Access to RPG member product and service discounts including to our training camps. Race day support and activities at many of the major Australian races and where possible, at IM 70.3 and Ironman world championships

RPG Community Membership

All of the above minus the applied training plan at an even cheaper price.

Shoot us an email at [email protected] we’ll keep you updated with launch date and further details.