Lennox Head Training Camp- May 2022 Camp


We will again host a training camp at Lennox Head primarily for those looking to do their hard training and a specific simulation session prior to Ironman Cairns.

Lots more details to come but if you’re at all interested please email us at [email protected] to be added to the email list.




What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Vehicle or rider support during every bike session. You???ll always have someone to assist should you suffer a mechanical or other issues.
  • Individualised coaching attention throughout the sessions.
  • Swim technique analysis with video review (if desired).
  • Photographer and videographer to capture some of your finest or toughest moments on the camp.
  • Some sports nutrition will be supplied for key training sessions.
  • Multiple coaches and professional athletes on hand to advise, encourage and learn from.

What's Not

  • At this stage no catering or food is organised beyond some sports nutrition for consumption during the harder sessions.
  • Transport to and from the camp. We will try and offer some logistical suggestions but primarily getting to the camp is the participants job.

Athlete Requirements

  • Both road bike or time trial bike is fine depending on how much you dislike climbing on your time trial bike 🙂
  • Please have your bike in good mechanical working order prior the camp including not overly worn tyres, your spares kit sorted etc.
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothing for all weather conditions. Removable layers are optimal in the mountains.
  • Wetsuit optional but if you???re sensitive to the cold- recommended.


Lennox Head Training Camp- May 2022 Camp


Lennox Head

May- Specific dates yet to be decided.






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Lennox Head Training Camp- May 2022 Camp

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