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What is RPG Coaching?

Tim Reed and Clint Rowlings offer highly personalised triathlon coaching for athletes at all levels, from beginners to elites. We are determined to help our clients reach their athletic goals through a balanced and sustainable training plan, while also achieving the highest level of performance in every aspect of life. Clint, Liz and Tim have all raced for 20 years + and each coached for more than a decade. We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

RPG Coaching

Truly Personalised Coaching

Highly Personalised Endurance Sports & Triathlon Coaching

We construct a personalised triathlon plan around you and provide the support you need.

Face to Face Group Sessions

Swimming, cycling, running and strength training sessions available for all levels of fitness in the Lennox Head / Byron Bay region

Training Camps

Regular Training Camps to take your Triathlon training with the opportunity to eat sleep and train without distraction to take your fitness to the next level.

Meet Our Coaching Team

Our Coaches have decades of triathlon coaching and racing experience and can offer highly personalised triathlon coaching to help you reach your athletic goals through a balanced and sustainable training plan. A decade plus of coaching and racing experience, we’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Casey Munro
Casey MunroFormer Professional Triathlete
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“I was at a point in my career where my passion and results had completely stagnated. Then, joining with Reedy as my coach he instantly reignited my passion for racing and the results followed shortly after, having my most successful period of racing while working under Reedy's guidance. I knew I only had a year or two left of pro racing and to finish up racing with a flurry of podiums was an amazing way to finish up my career and move on to the next phase of having a family and settling down."
Ben Richardson
Ben Richardson Age Group Triahtlete
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"Tim’s approach to training for an AG athlete and understanding of life/training balance sets him apart as he successfully accommodated my busy work schedule with training. He took me from a 10 hour Ironman athlete to sub 9 hour Ironman athlete, winning the Aus AG 70.3 champs in 2014 at Port Mac, Qualifying for Hawaii twice and reaching my goal of sub 9 hours for an Ironman in Busso 2016 finishing 2nd AG 35-39 and top 20 overall. I will only ever be coached by Reedy when I make my comeback (If he takes me back that is)." Results 1st Place Port Mac 70.3 and Aust 30-35 AG champion 2014. 21st Hawaii Ironman World Champs 35-39 AG 2nd Place 35-39 AG Busselton Ironman 2016 8:56
Sam Appleton
Sam Appleton Professional Triathlete
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"After chasing the ITU circuit for a number of years, I felt burned out and took a year off triathlon after losing my passion for the sport. I approached Reedy in 2014 for coaching as I started my long course career moving into 70.3 racing. Reedy reinvigorated my love for the sport by providing a holistic approach to racing and training, and under his holistic guidance he took me from a budding neo-pro racing domestically, to winning big international races in the USA and setting me on a path to making a real career out of professional racing."
Gus McGilvray
Gus McGilvrayAge Group Triathlete
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Captain Reed helped me navigate the daunting task of juggling full-time work and IM training. He guided a struggling age grouper from my first 70.3 right through to crossing the line in Kona 2012 and 2014. I never doubted what he prescribed with the right balance of training and recovery. Not to mention his ability to often lighten a dark, fatigued mindset with a ‘unique’ sense of humour (and race fashion). The weekly plans and feedback were clear whilst knowledgeable and they helped build towards race day without any doubt of being 'Reedy' ready.
Jason Limbert
Jason LimbertAge Group Triathlete
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"After finishing 10 Ironman events before I thought I had a fairly good understanding of training and racing the Ironman distance. But in only 12 weeks of being coached by Clint I had such a steep learning curve that took my training, racing and nutritional knowledge up multiple levels. Communication including both de-briefing after key sessions and answering every question I could ask with a detailed and well researched response helped me execute each session. The goals and purpose of each session were terrific. Finally, Clint’s ability to adapt the plan and work around my roster which is a 24/7 rotating roster was perfect. In only 12 weeks of working with Clint I managed to do a 1 hour PB at Ironman cairns, smashing all my goals, which has left me excited to see what we can do over the long term. "
Steve McKenna
Steve McKennaProfessional Triathlete
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"I started with RPG late 2018 and up until that point my best results were a 5th and 7th in 70.3 events. I had little knowledge on what hydration and nutrition strategies would work best for my terrible aerobic system (at the time). Reedy patiently built up my weaknesses and knew exactly what I needed to succeed, as far as I'm concerned I would never have become a "real Pro" without his help. Within 6 months of working together I won my first professional event and the performance trend continued. I'll be forever grateful that Reedy saw potential in me and unlocked it with his years of experience from endless studying, testing, racing and making all the mistakes over a long career so his students don't have to."
Nick Forster
Nick ForsterAge Group Triathlete
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"I first reached out to Clint during 2020 during my Ironman Australia prep as I was over-training and going backwards fast. He was straight on the phone to help me and point me in the right direction. Signing up to Ironman Cairns, I had Clint in my corner and it’s safe to say that I had the best IM prep. I wasn’t injured at all and managed a few races in the lead up with PBs in both 70.3 and half marathon. His passion and knowledge for the sport is so helpful and is always checking in to see how you’re feeling. Super happy with coach Clintos! "

Truly Personalised Training Plans

We get to know you, your schedule, your training history and your racing or fitness goals to create a training plan and provide the necessary support to help you achieve those goals.